Hotstar VIP vs Premium

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Hotstar VIP vs Premium


In India, Hotstar is the one of OTT(over the top) streaming services provided by Star India, which is now owned by The Walt  Disney group. The main content of this platform is to stream live sports and also Hindi TV shows which is why it is extremely popular among Indian viewers. However, it has now focused on expanding its content library and has included some notable international and local content, to cater to a wide range of audiences. There are two kinds of subscriptions in Hotstar: 

Hotstar VIP vs Premium

VIP Pass and Premium Subscription. In Hotstar VIP the user can stream the Hotstar special, Live sport, Indian TV serial, Indian Movies and Dubbed content of disney Hollywood movies, where in Hotstar premium the user can view, all the VIP content including the Hollywood movies and the undubbed version of disney and all american TV shows. The Hotstar VIP user sometimes have to watch a few unwanted ads in between the streaming.

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Features of Hotstar VIP and Hotstar Premium

As discussed, Hotstar is one of the most popular OTT platforms for streaming the Indian content. The sports lovers will be very happy to know that all the Live sports can be streamed on this platform.

With a Hotstar VIP connection, the user can watch the following content:

  • Live Sports Content including Cricket, Football, Formula 1, Tennis, Kabbadi, etc.
  • Latest Indian Movies
  • Indian TV Shows
  • Hotstar Specials
  • Disney + Content in dubbed languages like Hindi, Tamil etc.

Yes, Hotstar Premium provides the user to access all Hotstar’s content, including VIP material. Hotstars Premium Plan consists of the VIP plus all international content (Hollywood films and American television shows).

Does Hotstar Premium Include Hotstar VIP?

The content of Hotstar Premium includes all Hotstar VIP content in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu, with the exception of Disney Plus programming. Those are content that is only available to Indian audiences. The VIP package is recommended for those who wish to enjoy amazing Disney + material in Hindi and Tamil.

Additionally, Hotstar Premium provides the users access to more Hollywood films and American television shows. Because of the distinction between Hotstar VIP and Hotstar premium, a large number of US and UK viewers select this membership. VIP members, for example, have access to a restricted selection of films, including Toy Story 4, Aladdin, Frozen II, Thor Ragnarok, The Lion King, and a few Bollywood films.

Pricing of Hotstar VIP and Premium

The price of Hotstar VIP is Rs. 399/year. Hotstar VIP probably is one the cheapest OTT subscription available. But on the other hand, Hotstar Premium is  Rs. 1499/year. This might seem to be expensive, but considering the content of hollywood on offer, it is not very expensive either. 

And moreover with Hotstar  subscription, if you also have cable TV, the user can ask the cable operator to drop all paid Star Channels and the more expensive English Channels whose content is available on Hotstar. The paid subscriptions on Hotstar are not refundable. The user has the option to switch from VIP to Premium by paying the difference amount, however the user can’t switch from Premium to VIP.

Hotstar VIP Vs Premium

As most of us are aware that Hotstar is one of most popular OTT platforms for streaming the Indian content. Initially, this platform was provided by Star India and now The Walt Disney group owns it. It is very popular among the sports lovers as the users  will get access to all Live sports which can be streamed. Now we shall look into the difference between Hotstar VIP and Hotstar Premium

Details Hotstar VIP Hotstar Premium
Price 399/year 1499/per
No of Users Only one user is allowed to use Upto to 2 user can use
Contents The user get to stream

  • All the Indian TV shows
  • Indian Movies
  • Hot star Special
  • Dubbed version of Hollywood in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi
  • Live sports
The User to stream all the VIP options along with

  • All hollywood movies
  • American TV Shows
Can the user switch the plan The user can switch the plan any time, the user needs to upgrade the plan. The user needs to pay only the difference This facility is not available for the premium user.
Other Details There will ads while streaming the content in Hotstar VIP It is Ad Free. In the sense that the users will not be bugged or annoyed with unwanted ads


During the IPL 2019 season, the new Hotstar VIP plan was released to provide users with a more affordable way to watch sports content on Hotstar. It’s also a terrific method to get you accustomed to Hotstar’s paid content. If the user is interested in IPL, then is it advisable for the user to subscribe for the hotstart VIP which is cheaper than premium.


Choosing between Premium or VIP plan is primarily a matter of content preference. The Premium Plan consists of the VIP Plan plus all foreign content (Hollywood films and American television shows). Hotstar’s Premium Plan, which costs Rs.1499/-  a year and includes all Hotstar content, is comparable to Amazon Prime.

If the user solely wants to use Hotstar for its Sports Content and wants to save money, they can subscribe for VIP. A VIP subscription makes sense, especially if the users are not a huge lover of international movies and TV shows.

Those who are new to Hotstar may want to start with the VIP Plan before upgrading to the Premium Plan. If the user doesn’t mind spending the money, the Hotstar Premium plan provides them full access to all of Hotstar content.

Hotstar Premium is an excellent value for money subscription, particularly if the user makes good use of it.


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