How to Download Torrent Files?

by Hanley Page
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In our modern internet era, so called torrenting has been getting more and more popular by the day. People from all over the world use Torrents to download and share music, movies, software, books and pretty much everything that can be put into a sharable computer file. The Torrent downloading process is fairly simple and easy to understand and master. It includes following a few simple steps that work well each and every time.

Browsing a torrent website

There are multiple torrent websites available to access on the internet nowadays. The two most popular ones, however, are The Pirate Bay and the new Idope. Hundreds of thousands of users access these pages on a daily basis looking for Torrent files that meet their needs best.

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The Torrent files are organized neatly on both of the mentioned pages. They are divided into several categories such as Movies, Books, Software, Music etc. The users can also search the web pages themselves through the search bar by entering keywords like the artist/title/movie name.

Tip: Try to locate and find torrent files with as many seeders as possible. The more seeders, the faster the actual file downloading will be.

After finding the specific file, the next step would be downloading it.

Downloading the Torrent file

Hitting the Download torrent button or pressing the link of the torrent file would simply get the job done in more cases than not.

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It is important to stress that the torrent file is not actually the entire file; it is quite small (almost never bigger than 100kb!) and it contains the information that points to the actual file and the people sharing it. The Torrent file is, in a way, a map that the torrent clients use to assemble the pieces together.

Opening the file with a Torrent client

If you do not have a one already installed on the computer, before getting on to the next step, you need to find and download a torrent client such as BitTorrent. BitTorrent is by far the most popular torrent client out there. It is in fact a piece of software that takes the torrent file, reads the information that it contains and starts the actual file download accordingly.

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After installing it, locate the already downloaded torrent file and either, double click it to open it or drag it into the BitTorrent window. The torrent client software will then start the download process by connecting to the tracking server to find out who else is trying to download the same exact file and which bits they have. Then it will identify the other torrent users participating and label them as either seeders (uploaders) or leechers (downloaders).

Only after that, the actual downloading process will begin. It will start slowly, but it will pick up speed soon! After the download finishes, you may enjoy the file that you’ve just got. Don’t forget to seed the torrent file you have downloaded, so other torrent users can download it faster!

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