Pontiac was a vehicle brand that was owned, made, and sold by General Motors

Dubbed the “Chief of the Sixes,” the vehicle was powered with a six-cylinder engine and made its debut at that year’s New York auto show. Acquired by General Motors in 1909, Oakland introduced the very first Pontiac vehicle in 1926. An original styling cue of Pontiac cars from the mid-’30s to the mid-’50s was called “Silver Streak,” a set of art-deco-inspired chrome “speed lines” that ran up over the size of the hood to the foot of the windshield. Through the entire 1930s and’40s Pontiac made coupes, sedans and wagons in the low-to-mid price ranges. It was so successful that the Oakland name was phased out in favor of Pontiac, the name of an 18th-century chief of the Ottawa Indians. Pontiac originated while the Oakland Car Company of Pontiac, Michigan, in 1907; it was founded by Edward Murphy.

The’90s saw the launch of Pontiacs just like the Sunfire and Montana minivan. In hopes of recapturing past glory, the division embarked on a plan to retire aged models and introduce all-new ones with distinctive styling and personality. It’s expected 2010 will be Pontiac’s this past year for new models. Pontiac 2021 has slowly lost sales due to changing tastes and deficiencies in differentiation between its models and those of other GM divisions. However, GM’s financial troubles in 2008 and 2009 have resulted in the company’s decision to phase out Pontiac as a brand. For a while, the effort was bearing fruit. New models just like the Vibe, Solstice and G8 made Pontiac a brandname to consider in many segments.

V6-powered base models should require roughly 7 seconds. In track testing, the 2021 Pontiac G8 roared to 60 mph in 5.3 seconds en path to a blistering 13.7-second quarter-mile. The GXP will likely be slightly less efficient than its GT stablemate. The GXP promises to be quicker still Pontiac expects it will shave at the very least half a second off the GT’s 0-60 sprint. Because of a cylinder deactivation feature, the GT V8’s fuel economy is close to the V6’s; the EPA provides V6 a 17 mpg city/25 mpg highway rating and the V8 a 15/24 mpg rating.

In mid-1956, Pontiac introduced a higher-powered version of its V8. This is the initial in some NASCAR-ready pre- Super-Duty V8 engines and introduced the long type of multi-carburetor equipped engines that saw Pontiac become a major player during the muscle car and pony car era of the 1960s. Interestingly, the enlarged 1956 Pontiac V8 found its way into light-duty GMC pickup trucks. Among other items, this version of the engine was designed with a high-performance racing camshaft and dual 4-barrel carburetors.

A Premium Package can also be available, featuring leather upholstery and six-way power heated front seats. 2021 Pontiac G8 equipment could be had on the beds base model via the Comfort and Sound Package. Pontiac G8 GXP is merely the sort of four-door Corvette Americans have long prayed for, with sharp steering, fabulous response from the four-piston Brembo brakes, exceptionally balanced and neutral handling, and Pontiac 2021 a straightforward and classy check out the inner layout and trim. A sunroof could be selected as a stand-alone option. A Sport Package designed for the GT adds 19-inch alloy wheels with summer tires and a sport steering wheel.

The GT has a 6.0-liter V8 packing 361 hp and 385 lb-ft of torque that’s mated to a six-speed automatic. The beds base 2021 Pontiac G8 is designed with a 3.6-liter V6 that produces 256 hp and 248 pound-feet of torque. The GXP’s 6.2-liter V8 puts out a prodigious 402 hp and 402 lb-ft of torque and utilizes either the GT’s six-speed automatic or even a six-speed manual transmission. It sends its capacity to a corner wheels through a five-speed automatic transmission with manual shift control.

Purchased by General Motors in 1909, Oakland continued to make modestly priced automobiles until 1931 when it had been renamed, Pontiac. The Pontiac brand was introduced by General Motors in 1926 since the companion marque to GM’s Oakland division and shared the GM A platform. As a result of Pontiac’s rising sales, versus Oakland’s declining sales, Pontiac became the only companion marque to survive its parent, with Oakland ceasing production in 1932. Body styles offered included a sedan with both two and four doors, Landau Coupe, with the Sport Phaeton, Sport Landau Sedan, Sport Cabriolet and Sport Roadster. It was named after the famous Ottawa chief who had also given his name to the city of Pontiac, Michigan where the automobile was produced. Within months of its introduction, Pontiac was outselling Oakland, that was essentially a 1920s Chevrolet with a six-cylinder engine installed.

Sold in the United States, Canada, and Mexico by GM, Pontiac was advertised because the performance division of General Motors from the 1960s onward. Introduced as a partner creates GM’s more costly type of Oakland automobiles, Pontiac overtook Oakland in popularity and supplanted its parent brand entirely by 1933. Pontiac was an automobile brand which was owned, made, and sold by General Motors.

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