Watchsomuch Proxy List

by Hanley Page
Published: Last Updated on 97 views is a project born on October 2015 with the intent to monitor the status of all torrent websites, so users can see when a torrent website is down. This is a completely free web service and has only the scope to track the status of popular torrent websites, we are not associated with any torrent website and we do not promote any torrent site, this web service is just informative. We used mainly Google to find the most popular torrent websites, then we have added them to the list of monitored websites. checks every 30 minutes the status of each torrent website. To be more technical, it makes a simple HTTP GET request to the homepage of the torrent website and, based on the response, the website is reported as down or online. This service only checks if a connection with the website can be established and if the HTTP status code is valid. Moreover, this service tracks also the HTTP response headers, Alexa rank, IP address, HTTP status code, response time, and other useful details.

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