What is a Web Proxy?

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Staying anonymous while browsing the Internet can sometimes be very helpful. Say you want to open a site blocked by your network or simply want to stay anonymous while visiting certain web page; being able to do it privately with your IP address hidden, is always a plus. One popular way to hide your IP and ensure private browsing experience is by using a web proxy.

What is a web proxy?

Web proxies are portable tools that enable you to change your actual IP address while browsing the Internet. They do not require any installation or extra software downloading. Instead, they act as regular search engines in which you are expected to enter an entire webpage address.

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The sites you visit using this method cannot see your actual IP address. The only IP address they see is the one belonging to your web proxy. So, when you use a web proxy, you are not actually connecting to site you intend to visit; only the web proxy connects to it, thus hiding any trace of your actual presence. In simple terms, web proxies act as intermediaries between you, as a user, and the websites you are trying to access.

Web proxies can also be used to unblock ISP-censored or firewall-blocked torrent websites. They, however, cannot be integrated with a particular torrent client that will download and seed the torrents anonymously. For that purpose, a VPN like HideMyAss VPN Pro.

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Special web proxy features

Some web proxies offer a great deal of unique features for their users. They offer things like cookie management or advertisement removal; anything to make your web browsing experience as good as possible.

Few even offer SSL security that encrypts the entire user-proxy communication. The SSL security allows bypassing censorship restriction in countries that restrict the access to certain websites.

Choosing a web proxy

There are many web proxies available on the internet nowadays. Most of them are good and reliable and provide users with the chance of protecting their privacy in a fast and easy way. Some of the most popular, fast and reliable web proxies out there are the following:

All of the above web proxies have been on the web for a while now. They both have numerous users who swear by them and use them daily in order to hide their IP address or visit blocked web sites. It is important to always use a trusted web proxy, that is online from some time and that has fast servers, possibly located in Europe (because are fast and more secure).

Having a web proxy at hand can be very useful when it comes to privacy protection. However, web proxy IP address hiding is not a 100% solution. If you want to stay completely anonymous, use a VPN instead!

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