What is Popcorn Time?

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If you are looking for a free Netflix-like alternative that will let you enjoy hours and hours of video streaming, look no further: Popcorn Time is here to make sure you get to see all the movies and TV shows you like without paying a single dollar. Definitely an interesting project uh?

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What exactly is Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is a free BitTorrent client software that uses sequential downloading to stream video files listed by multiple torrent websites. Ever since it appeared on the web, Popcorn Time has been widely popular.

It is easy to use to navigate through, and most importantly, it is totally and completely free of charge, which makes is that much more appealing to a wide range of users all across the globe.

How did Popcorn Time appear on the web?

It is said that Popcorn Time was initially developed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in a matter of weeks, by a group of enthusiasts who simply thought that piracy, as a concept, was nothing but a service problem created by the all-consuming industry that sees innovation as a threat to their old ways of collecting value.

The founders, disappointed of the already-existing streaming providers and the strict laws that restricted them at the time, decided to make a multi-lingual, free-to-download program available for Linux, Mac OS, Windows and Android. At present time, Popcorn Time is available to download through its official webpage (blocked by many ISPs): https://popcorntime.sh/

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Its interface is well done and is similar to the one of Netflix. It contains multiple thumbnails and film titles; the media is categorized by genres and users can search through the page through a search bar. Once a video is chosen, the download process starts. The video is downloaded via the BitTorrent protocol and once it starts downloading, it also starts sharing with other users i.e. it is seeded to others in the BitTorrent swarm

Is Popcorn Time legal?

The truth is, there is not a simple yes/no answer to this. The legal issue of Popcorn Time and clients alike has been around for years. It is safe to say that Popcorn Time is as safe as any other torrent-related thing out there. So, proceed on your own risk.

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Throughout the years, Popcorn Time’s webpage has been put down multiple times. Countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy, United States, Australia and many others have blocked all the URLs that lead to either Popcorn Time’s webpage or other torrent-indexing sites.

On March 14, 2014, due to the immense pressure from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), the founders of the popular Popcorn Time shut down the program completely.

Popcorn Time’s legacy

After the founders discontinued Popcorn Time and its features, few other teams of programmers forked the original source code (Popcorn Time Official repository on GitHub) and started re-developing the program independently. They continued to use the “Popcorn Time” name even though they were in no way connected to the original developers.

Ever since, many other Popcorn Time – related torrent clients have been around to provide users with the free video-streaming experience. These sites, though, had their own issues, too.

On May 20, 2015, the government of Israel blocked all access to what then was the official Popcorn Time site. This prohibition was followed by a lawsuit from Israel’s biggest cable and satellite providers for copyright infringement. However, this didn’t stop the users in Israel from using Popcorn Times: those who already had a installer-copy saved or had the program itself, were not affected nor stopped.

Shortly after that, on August 17th, 2015, the Danish website http://popcorntime.dk/ was shut down by the Danish police. Two arrests were made as well. The case was closely observed by the public and much controversy was caused since the website was not directly affiliated with the original Popcorn Time developers.

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2015 brought issues for many people in Germany, too. Many Popcorn Time users there were charged with up to €815. German authorities justified this amount by saying that the application not only downloaded but distributed movies, and that from them was unacceptable.

Canadians, too faced lawsuits. In October 2015, the MPPA obtained a court order that was supposed to stop the Canadian programmers from continuing to develop the Canadian Popcorn Time site.

Why people still love Popcorn Time?

Despite the issues, Popcorn Time is still users’ favourite. People from all over the world have it installed and use it on a daily basis. Regardless of the restrictions and controversy, users choose it continuously, time and time again, showing everyone that the idea of free access cannot be killed.

Popcorn Time made video-watching available for everyone; as long as you have a device with internet access, you are good to go! You can access literally thousands of movies and TV shows without paying a thing!

The simple idea of free streaming became a worldwide phenomenon in no time and the Netflix for Piracy, as many people call it, even today, after all, simply refuses to die!

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